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Investment beliefs

We believe that investing is about doing a few simple things exceptionally well in a highly disciplined way and not letting emotions influence decisions. 

Through our research we understand what drives returns within investment portfolios. We therefore only include exposure to risk assets that have been proven to reward investors in the long term.

Core beliefs

These are the foundations which underpin our investment process.  Without these core assumptions we believe it is impossible to formulate a rational investment strategy.

  1. Capitalism and markets work
    In developed and regulated markets share market prices are relatively efficient and reflect fair value.

  2. Risk and reward go hand in hand
    Only by increasing exposure to risk assets can expected long term returns be improved.

  3. Diversification works
    Diversification reduces uncertainty.  Concentrated investments add risk but with no additional expected return.

  4. Portfolio structure is the main driver of returns
    The specific exposure a portfolio has to each of the risk asset classes will determine the expected range of future returns.

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