Latest News
Yesterday's Budget...and some good news
November 2017
Update on the budget and TRH good news

The cabin crew will now take you through the safety procedures...
November 2017
Future market falls and the importance of preparation

Let's talk!
October 2017
Helping young women manage their future

Where's the money coming from?
September 2017
Planning for when the income stops

A reason for being - Japanese style
September 2017
Ikigai - a "reason for being"

TRH Team Update
August 2017
Rachel leaving TRH

Transact client money changes
August 2017
Changes to cash handling to maximise returns and minimise risk

Paraplanner vacancy with The Red House
August 2017
Paraplanner Job Description

He who dares, wins
August 2017
What is your favourite quote, who said it and how has it impacted your everyday life?

More than the sum of parts
July 2017
No business exists because of one person - team photos

Rebranding of the BlackRock Global Property Fund
July 2017
The BlackRock Global Property fund has been re-named the ‘iShares Global Property Securities Equity Index’

What has the FCA’s summary of the asset management industry got to do with you?
July 2017
Supporting the investment approach taken by TRH

The Bank of Mum and Dad
June 2017
Does it make sense to take out a student loan?

The people have spoken, again
June 2017
Strong and stable portfolios (if not government)

Your obligation to notify HMRC of your overseas investment income
June 2017
HMRC Notification communication

You are the company you keep
June 2017
The real beauty of the group is the willingness to share

Keeping vigilant - HMRC email scams
May 2017
Keeping vigilant and keeping safe and secure

Helping you with your 2016/17 tax reporting
May 2017
Transact tax packs - out now

Doing it for the Kids
April 2017
Sharing my experiences and observations around gifting to children

2017 Grand National Tips - is this your year?
April 2017
TRH's Grand National race tips

You can't take it with you
March 2017
What does dying with any money left really mean?

Building your personal government approved tax haven
March 2017
With some smart advice you can build your own virtual tax haven

Jam today or jam tomorrow?
February 2017
The DB pension dilemma

Alpha-Bet Soup
January 2017
I went to an investment conference last week ...

What's Nina Simone got to do with it?
January 2017
It's a new day ...

To Christmas card or not?
December 2016
Our charity donation to Corum and office Christmas closure times

Stop Press: More qualifications...
December 2016
Even more proud

Awards? It must be that time of the year...
December 2016
How proud are we at TRH?

The best things in life are free ...
November 2016
The magic in life really starts to happen when you combine money and freedom

My goodness. What a year this has been.
November 2016
Sit tight and ride out the storm following the US election result

The US election: the one thing we can be sure about is uncertainty
November 2016
As ever our advice is to stay put with your strategy and weather any storms that may come your way

Fund your own journey - the Isabella Forum 28th October 2016
October 2016
Aimed at smart, ambitious women who want to take control of their financial future

Absolute return promises - easy to make, but hard to keep
October 2016
What is an Absolute return fund?  Do they work?

Death, tiny robots and loss
Just notice what you have

The Battle Within
September 2016
The Isabella Forum and the Present Self v Future Self

This Time It's Personal: New Tax Allowances
August 2016
Introducing two new tax allowances - what it means for you.

Has the shine dulled on Buy To Let's? - our thoughts
August 2016
Should you buy a buy to let property?

To trip, to travel or to journey?
August 2016
Do we remember to enjoy our personal journey through life?

July 2016
Ruth's top 5 tips for survival...

June 2016
The result - remain calm

Should I stay or should I go?
June 2016
BREXIT - the impact of a leave vote on your portfolio

Gareth Marr
May 2016
The loss of our great friend Gareth Marr

Tax needn't be taxing
May 2016
Transact tax packs

Who created your present?
May 2016
What an honour; hosting an evening with 'Johnny' Johnson

Investing to make a difference (and save tax, nice)
April 2016
Why would you consider Social Impact Investment?

Everybody wants to “Rule the World”
April 2016
2016 Grand National Results

2016 Grand National Tips
April 2016
Picking the winner

A life well lived
March 2016
Are you living the life you want to live?

The Budget - the St Patrick's Day view
March 2016
Another budget has come and gone

No Regrets
February 2016
What will your regrets be?

The perfect pension storm – is this the last opportunity for you to pay into a pension?
February 2016
What should you do if you are concerned?

Paraplanner Job Description
January 2016
New Paraplanner Role at TRH

Death and taxes; up close and personal
January 2016
Inheritance Tax (IHT) – ouch!

Stay on the rollercoaster
January 2016
I know it can feel scary

Dreams can come true
January 2016
Bringing a dream to life

A short reflection on 2015
December 2015
TRH Christmas Office closure

If it sounds too good to be true...
November 2015
"I can see a scam a mile off"

The art of not running out of money
November 2015
Living for today but don't forget tomorrow

Crowdfunding: peer-to-peer lending, a fad or the future?
October 2015
The role of the bank is challenged

Inspirational man runs 100 miles doing good deeds for those in need
October 2015

Everyone has a story
October 2015
What an amazing cross section of people and lives

Pensions - last chance saloon for those earning over £150,000 a year?
September 2015

Those top ten New Year (financial) resolutions sitting on your To Do list
September 2015

What is it you 'do'?
August 2015

Budget Ramblings
July 2015

The possible Greek exit and your portfolio
June 2015

An amazing result for Nick Mason, Gareth Marr & The Open Nest...
June 2015

What's on your mind?...Bonds, 'bubbles' and interest rates
June 2015

What’s on your mind?....Where next for equity markets?
June 2015

Nick Mason, Gareth Marr & The Open Nest
May 2015

Tax needn't be Taxing
May 2015

Friends, life and time
April 2015

Grand National 2015 - Picking the winner
April 2015

The Budget; the great pension (give and) take away
March 2015

Staying Focused
IFA Magazine article on Ruth Sturkey and the TRH 'way'
Febraury 2015 Edition

There's a Red House over yonder
March 2015

Tasty tax savings but do you have the risk appetite?
February 2015

The Red House Housewarming Party
January 2015

TRH Christmas Office Closure Times
December 2014

Stories from the house - Death and taxes (rarely entertaining subjects!)
December 2014

Our House!
November 2014
The Red House has found a new home ...

Hey coach, deliver me a good experience!
November 2014

...and the winner is?
October 2014

Stories from the house; we never forget it's about you
October 2014
Was I anxious about a visit from our Regulator?

Better together...the Scottish referendum and your portfolio
September 2014

But will I have enough?
September 2014
A question that we are asked at practically every new client meeting

Unrest, disease, sanctions ... relax, you have a plan
August 2014
Focus on what you can control

I read the news today, oh boy...
July 2014
Protecting you from harm

Stories from The Red House - If I could turn back time
June 2014
The importance of writing a will

Tax Needn't be Taxing
May 2014
Transact Tax Packs sent

What is a cynic?
May 2014
An article from The Economist

It's time to get under the bonnet
May 2014
TRH Investment Philosophy Review

Picking the winners 2014
April 2014
Gareths top tips for the Grand National

21st Annual Money Marketing Awards honour Gareth with Outstanding Contribution to Industry award
April 2014
A perfect and fitting end to Gareth's illustrious career!

You say you want a (R)evolution...
March 2014
Interpreting how the Budget will benefit, or otherwise, clients of The Red House

Structured for success
January 2014
TRH structure following Gareth's retirement

Leading IFA Gareth Marr retires
January 2014
Press release

Asset insight: Emerging market equities 
March 2014
Does the future really lie in the emerging markets?

Stories from The House – Sleepwalking into 55% tax… 
December 2013
A note of caution for those who might be unknowingly walking into a future Lifetime Allowance charge

Pensions - Snakes and Ladders anyone?
November 2013
An article about changes to pensions legislation in 2014 and auto enrolment

Nobel Prize for Eugene Fama - The Father of Modern Finance
October 2013
The genius whose thinking inspired The Red House investment approach

Efficient Markets, past performance and winning the Grand National
April 2013
Grand National Tips

Hunting for yield - be careful what you wish for!
March 2013
An article about the temptation to seek high-yield investments in the current low-interest environment

Tasty tax savings; but do you have the investment and risk appetite?
February 2013
Article about tax savings and the associated risks with VCTs, EISs and SEISs

Ch Ch Ch Ch Changes....
January 2013
Review of 2012 and introduction of RDR

Living with market uncertainty
An article on living with market uncertainty.

Hedge Funds and Structured Products
April 2012
An appreciation of how both Hege Funds and Structured Products work.

Picking the Winners 2012 Grand National Tips
April 2012
Gareth's top tips for the National.

Reasons to be cheerful
January 2012
Interesting Article from Jim Parker at Dimensional.

New Year Resolutions
January 2012
Allternative 2012 New Year thoughts.

Transact Interview Notes
December 2011
Notes regarding Transact's recent FSA investigation

Risks in Bond Investments
November 2011
An explanation of how we seek to manage bond risk.

Taking Care With Cash
October 2011
Managing Inflation Risks and Pitfalls to be avoided.

Keeping Cash Safe
October 2011
Addressing risk in short term savings and cash.

Headlines - Worry Lines
August 2011
Some reassuring comments on your portfolio during the recent market volatility.

Eurozone Bond Crisis - Do we need to be concerned?
June 2011
Comments on the European debt crisis.

Transact Charges and Equitable Life
December 2010
Ruth outlines the situation on compensation for former Equitable Life policyholders and the recent reduction in charges on the Transact platform.

The Lost Decade
October 2010
Bad news will always trump good in any sector.

A letter to the Editor
24 September 2010
Gareth writes to the Times in support of the consumer in the financial services industry

A Budget for Families?
30 June 2010
A different way of looking at the Coalition Government's emergency budget.

Picking the Winners 2010 Grand National Tips
9 April 2010
Gareth attempts to pick this year's best bets for the National.

Forecasting the FTSE 100
Jan 2010
The soothsayers in the money pages have been at it again with their predictions of a year end figure for the FTSE100 Index.

2009 Budget proposals - the Red House view
24 Apr 2009
Our take on just what it all means for you.

Budget rumours
16 Apr 2009
Some well informed pension gurus are talking about the withdrawal of higher rate tax relief for pension contributions.

Picking the Winners 2009 Grand National Tips
3 April 2009
Gareth picks the winner of the 2009 National at 100/1!

Topping up state pensions
Feb 2009
Anyone with an incomplete National Insurance Contribution (NIC) might want to consider a top up right about now.

When is the best time to invest in equities?
Oct 2008
During this remarkable period in the financial markets, does it make sense to invest?

Cash deposits - the risk/return dilemma
Sep 2008
The daily papers are full of headline high interest rates that are often not what they seem.

How long are we going to live?
Jun 2008
Our clients are always initially surprised with our assumption that they will live to age 100!

The Red House Client Bulletin
Jan 2008
Be greedy when others are fearful and fearful when others are greedy